Werewolf Skills

***sample skills***

Below is a sample of the Skillset and Skills that will be available to Werewolves. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying bonuses outside of the Roll Bonus that is provided will be added. 

Physical Specimen

The epitome of physical perfection. Those dedicated to this Skillset see their body as a machine to be built to achieve their ultimate desires. Many of these skills do not simply provide bonus dice for Attempt Rolls but also actively aide the character in Combat and other physical feats.


A Character's physique rank would not only reflect how fit they are, but what their body is capable of. Amazing shows of Acrobatics and Combat techniques are common for those with high ranks. 


When you train your body as those with Toughness do, then armor is not your only defense in Combat. A thick hide can be obtained even when a Werewolf is not in his True Form, and this is mastered through Toughness.


Those who master Endurance can push their bodies beyond any normal means, even for Werewolves. Traveling long distances is as easily attainable as pushing themselves far beyond wounds that would paralyze any other Werewolf. The master of Endurance can be an unending force to be reckoned with. 


While ripping a door off of its hinges can be child's play to a Werewolf in their True Form, it is a much greater challenge for them when Resting. That is, unless they have mastered their Strength. 


Running down a speeding car on foot is a useful skill to have, and something a master of Speed could accomplish with relative ease. Disarming an opponent, or striking before their gun has even cleared their holster are other beneficial tasks that a Character highly ranked in Speed would be more than capable of.