Vampire Skills

***sample skills***

Below is a sample of the Skillset and Skills that will be available to Vampires. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying bonuses outside of the Roll Bonus that is provided will be added. 

Master of Minds

Although unable to use Magic, Vampires have an uncanny ability to manipulate the minds of others. In the eyes of those they choose to manipulate, or those who witness this manipulation, "magic" is a more than adequate word to describe the effects.

False Image

Depending on the level of skill that a Vampire has in False Image, they may make their prey believe they saw something out of the corner of their eye or they may have an entire conversation with a person who is not there. Instead of seeing a Vampire feeding on their friend, Humans may simply see their friend in a lover's embrace. 

Hear Thoughts

One's own thoughts are not safe when a Vampire ranked in Hear Thoughts is present. Depending on the level of this skill a Vampire can sense a range of emotions and thoughts from their target. From the simple fact that they are being lied to, to the exact reason for the treachery and the result their target intends. 

Project Thought



In days of old, it was believed that Vampires could control people to the point of making them their devout servants. The truth of the matter is that Vampires can manipulate others, but they must be powerful in Entrhall to create anything approaching a Servant. 

Create Memory