Vampire Abilities

***Sample Abilities***

Below is a sample of the Abilities that will be available to Vampires. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying Gameplay bonuses will be added. 

Need to Feed

Once per six months, a vampire must drain one person entirely of their life-force.  In order to minimize the loss of human life, low-level (level 5 and under) may feed on more people and take less blood from each.  In this way, some vampires can have followers or even friends help sate the hunger willingly.

Increased Strength

Vampires gain 1 point to their strength score per two levels in the vampire template.

Increased Speed

Gain a multiplier of x2 to speed.

Tricks of the Mind

Unlike mages, vampires gain a set of magic skills that act more like supernatural powers.  (See Spells)


Gain the ability to transform into an animal, human, and mist form.  The animal form must be chosen between wolf or bat when a character first takes on the vampire template.  Transforming takes one full round.  Furthermore, once transformed; due to the strenuousness of transforming, a character must wait one full round before attacking.  If the vampire is attacked while changing out of mist-form, the transformation halts and begins over with no damage taken.

Sense Heartbeat

Once per day, per level, a vampire can focus for one full round and determine either how many heartbeats are within twenty feet, or, the heart-rate of one living creature within sight.

Clan Message

Each clan has its own protocol for whom to contact through mental message.  In the event of an emergency large enough to call for a clan decision, the system is activated and an entire clan can assemble in minutes.  Individual clans deal with the abuse of this power in their own ways.

Combat Expertise

Take no penalties for stress.