The Onros Tribe are a harsh people that originate in Russia.  Their leader holds the title of All-Mother.  As is the case with most werewolf tribes, the Onros are a matriarchal organization.  Females are regarded as blessings, since only a female werewolf can give birth to a true-werewolf.  Beneath the All-Mother, four male representatives serve on the council.  Three of the council members represent the interests of the other werewolf tribes, while the fourth council member is the chosen mate of the All-Mother.  This male is considered the Alpha Male of the tribe.  The All-Mother can be challenged by another true-werewolf of the tribe at any time.  The Onros place strength in combat above all.  It is in this tradition that power is passed on.                                                                                              The Onros follow a strict code of conduct among themselves and other werewolves.  It is customary for two lone werewolves who meet on the road to attempt to conceal their power from one another.  This is because the code of conduct requires two werewolves who meet to perform a contest of strength, usually in the form of combat.  The victorious party is deemed to be on a more important mission, and the losing party must aid them until relieved of the honor, or the mission is complete.


    At home in the jungles of South America, the Urus are responsible for many of the mysterious disappearances reported annually.  Members of the Urus Tribe see themselves as cleansers of the earth.  They believe that all animals, including themselves, deserve to be left alone to thrive in this world.  The disease that is humankind should be eradicated in their view.  The Urus live in small family (created, or biological) units throughout South America.  They convene twice per year in different host locations each time, in order to discuss tribe business and bring tithing funds.  Since the supernatural came out of hiding, the Urus openly run the drug trade with no interference from the authorities.  In fact, it was their insistence that legal drug trade be passed by the World Council that led to international legalization of all drugs.  Their argument was solid; humans are easier to handle when they're willingly impaired.  In this way, the Urus gained respect and wealth world-wide.  The Urus vote for anything large enough to not be handled in-family.  One representative from each family unit casts one vote, and a majority rules.


    The Ithis tribe hails from Canada.  Members of Ithis see their abilities as constant reminders that they can easily slip into their animal nature.  They believe that what makes them superior to normal animals is their ability to reason.  To that end, members of Ithis regard those with high skills in technological fields very highly.  The tribe itself is both set up and run as a corporation.  The current CEO is always the wisest true-werewolf female, and she serves until she dies or the board removes her.  The board consists of members from each prominent family.  The Ithis Corp., as it is sometimes referred to, is behind most security and tech companies world-wide.  Aside from business dealings, most members of Ithis prefer to be left alone.  In an effort to control their animal natures, most members also only hunt animals.  In this way, they consider themselves superior to, and less animal-like than other tribes.


    The Akinith tribe originates in Spain.  Like most tribes, they are a matriarchal society.  However, unlike other tribes, the Queen rules absolutely with an iron fist.  The Queen is a decedent of the first known werewolf, and therefore cannot be overthrown or questioned, according to Akinith law.  With her absolute power, the Queen appoints any adviser she pleases, for any office she decides to create.  The current Queen has not yet chosen her mate.  The Akinith are proud of their werewolf heritage, and therefore rank the hunt among the grandest of events.  The oldest families hold similar power to feudal lords and answer directly to the Queen.  The tribe owns and operates the only werewolf-run blood bank in the world.  It also happens to be the largest in the world.  This ownership grants the Akinith great bargaining power with any vampires in the region.  This, coupled with the fact that the Akinith once specialized in hunting vampires, gives the tribe a greater autonomy than other tribes are afforded.