The Resistance

The Resistance is the backbone of all actions taken by Humans and Saviors to fight against their oppressors. In Darkness Incarnate it is the silent antagonist of most of the problems faced by the Supernatural that now run this world. There are many game bonuses and possible story archs involving the interaction between Players that have taken the Savior Role and the Resistance Groups found in their immediate areas. From providing new Pledges to actual income and items, these groups are the key to Humans taking back their world from the clutches of the Dark. 


The Resistance began when the Disarmament of the world occurred. Part of establishing World Peace was the Human's submission of all weapons they held in private homes; a transition that went as smoothly as you could imagine for some areas. For some Humans they viewed it as a necessary and positive step towards World Peace. Others saw it as the first step of total domination and they fought back tooth and nail against their would be Supernatural Rulers. These pockets of resistance began banding together to fight, and they still do so to this day. A life of a true Resistance Fighter is lived in either total hiding or hiding in plain sight of their new leaders. Either way, they have taken to Guerrilla tactics; hit hard and fast, then disappear. 

In Gameplay

In Gameplay a Resistance Group provides actual bonuses to Saviors as well as physical locations they may go to for hiding, income generation, and keeping their Pledges safe. 

safe havens

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