How they are structured

Skills are an essential part of Darkness Incarnate. Through choosing skills your Character develops a unique place among their peers, using them to both explain the history of the character and develop themselves into a force to be reckoned with. Skills are broken into groups called Skillsets, with 5 skills comprising a complete Set. When a Character has at least one point spent in each Skill that comprise a Skillset, they gain the ability to begin adding points to the Skillset iteself, which provides a bonus for any skill used within the Set. In this way, a character may continue to increase the bonus on all skill rolls within that set by only spending experience to boost the Skillset itself.  Each Skill has 5 ranks that are attainable, and each of the Skillsets have 3 Ranks to be gained. Each rank equals a +1 bonus to an Attempt Roll. 

when to use a skill

There are many reasons why a skill may need to be rolled. Need to hack into a computer for information? One approach would be to have a character proficient in the Tech Wiz Skillset that contains both Hacking and Interfacing. Looking for specific historical references that could point your group in the direction of an artifact? Then the Scholar Skillset would be most helpful, providing knowledge on History, Cultures and Customs.

How to use a skill

The Game Master will determine a Success Goal: the minimum number that will need to be rolled in order for the action to be successful. The player will then roll a D20 and apply the bonuses they receive from their skills.

Separate rolls for multiple stages of an action, or the combining of multiple skills can both be used at the discretion of the Game Master. 

Special Skills

Each of the roles that a player may take for their Character come with their own set of Special Skills that are only available to those who share that Role. A full description of these skills can be found on each of the individual Role Pages or by using the links below. 

General Skills

General Skills are skills that are available to all Roles, and Humans, in Darkness Incarnate. Some example Skillsets and their corresponding Skills are listed below. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying bonuses outside of the Roll Bonus that is provided will be added. 

 Tech Wiz

Those that are well versed in technology, the elite few who are granted full access to the Internet and Technological advances or Dark Web operatives hell-bent on gathering as much as they can on their enemies. Each of these would find themselves steeped in the skills that make up the Tech Wiz Skillset. 


Your character knows the languages that computers speak. Their level of expertise would vary depending on their rank, with lower levels knowing less Languages and needing more time to decipher ones they have not encountered. 



Hacking represents a character's knowledge of how to manipulate a computer in order to bypass security measures. The higher the level of Hacking skill, the easier and faster a player would find it to gain access to systems that are not theirs. 


Knowing how to code software or penetrate a system is one thing, but using software and systems already in place is quite another. A Character that is proficient in Interfacing would be able to flawlessly use software to its full potential, knowing every shortcut and every place that information is stored. 


It is common knowledge that being knowledgeable about Computer Software does not automatically make you an expert when it comes to the Hardware side of things. Characters who are leveled in the Hardware skill find it easier and easier to break apart, fix, and even cobble together computers or electronic hardware from almost nothing. 


A very specific part of all electronics is the Power itself that drives those systems. Building a computer from salvaged parts is a far cry from understanding the electrical loads that are carried through each copper lay line of a Motherboard. This advanced understanding of electrical properties touches every aspect of modern society, and those well versed in Power can find all kinds of mayhem, or charity, that can be done with their knowledge.