Savior Skills

***sample skills***

Below is a sample of the Skillset and Skills that will be available to Saviors. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying Gameplay bonuses will be added. 

savior initiate

There are many skills that are necessary to a Savior in order to combat the forces they find themselves surrounded by. Saviors are hardier than their Human counterparts and have an instinctive knowledge of weapons that will aide in their resistance. It's almost as if the Human Race has evolved to better fight the Supernatural, and the Savior Initiate Skillset embodies that change.

Weapons Master

A Savior who is highly ranked in this Skill will never be unarmed unless they wish to be. Along with providing basic Firearm and Melee Weapon knowledge, a master of this Skill has the ability to turn anything they may have at hand into a weapon. 

Extra Absorbtion

To say that a Savior can take more in a fight than a Human is an understatement. However, the rank in which a Savior has in Extra Absorption determines how much of an understatement that really is. It will take more than a few swipes of a Werewolf's claws to bring down a Savior; a lesson they often learn too late. 

Sense Danger

Here again, we see that Saviors have seemed to evolve solely to fight their oppressors. All Humans have a sixth sense when something is amiss around them, but Saviors powerful in this skill make this sense as real as their physical ones. This is the reason it is almost impossible to catch a Savior off-guard, and the main contributing factor to staying ahead of those that hunt them. 


Saviors have an overall heightened awareness of their surroundings and this translates directly to Combat in a few ways. In addition to being almost impossible to surprise, you will rarely encounter a Savior who does not act first in Combat. The rank that a Savior has in Alert is the driving factor for how true that really is. 

Knowledge - Supernatural

A Saviors knowledge of his intended opponents goes beyond his experience in dealing with them. Saviors with ranks in this skill possess an innate knowledge of their foes' weaknesses and triggers. Years of study can be bypassed through bolstering this skill, allowing those with the most to lose the ability to cause as much damage as possible to their Supernatural oppressors.