Savior abilities

***sample Abilities***

Below is a sample of the Abilities that will be available to Saviors. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying Gameplay bonuses will be added. 

Sense Supernatural

Saviors gain the ability to sense when a member of the undead is within twenty feet.

Use of Artifacts

Saviors gain the ability to utilize the power contained within artifacts.

Pledge Power

Saviors gain power in two distinct ways.  The first is through normal level advancement.  The second is by gaining pledges.  A pledge is a non-power human that willingly gives some of their life-force.  A savior may only gain one pledge per person, and a pledge can only be made to one person.  Each pledge-point that a savior has can be spent to add additional dice to an attack roll or ability check.

Ready for Action

Gain +2 to initiative.

Combat Expertise

Take no penalties for stress.

Artificer Knowledge

Gain the ability to create an artifact.

Spirit Sight

Gain the ability to see and communicate with ghosts.

Supernatural Immunity

Saviors are immune to diseases, including Lycanthropy and Vampirism.  They also cannot be mind controlled or possessed in any way.