After watching the humans squabble for power through the centuries, the time came when Vampires and Werewolves feared for their survival for the first time in human history. It had nothing to do with the Human's ability for attrition against their own species, but against themselves. On August 6th, 1945 Humans in the American Army killed 80,000 of their own kind in mere seconds. Three days later, 40,000 more died just as quickly. In addition to this immediate loss a sickness claimed tens of thousands more and even spread to the land itself. For the first time, human extinction became a real possibility.  

The Vampire elders that led each clan did something unprecedented and reached out to the Tribal Leaders of the Werewolves. The Vampires found that their former Werewolf enemies were just as worried as they were about the new destructive power of the Humans. Furthermore, Werewolves were already well established within the Military groups of the World; they already accounted for over sixty percent of Military leadership. Similarly, Vampire Clans had their kin fully inundated in the world’s political circles. Although no vampire directly led a nation at this point in time, many were second in command or key advisers to these leaders. In under one year, the Vampires and Werewolves were able to take position to begin the first phase of The Taking.


On December 23rd, 1946 people all over the world awoke to an astonishing message from their current leaders: Vampires and Werewolves were real. Furthermore, they had helped achieve every major event in Human History up to that point, though they had done so in the shadows. Similar to the liberation of the Jewish people during the recent war, their leaders pressed onto people that it was now time to liberate these two species and welcome them into our society. Over the next few months information was distributed to people explaining that almost everything that was “known” by humans about these species were completely wrong. These aggressive propaganda campaigns explained that the major difference between Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans were the former’s longevity of life and their general resistance to disease. They did NOT eat or harm humans, they ate and lived exactly as humans did. They were NOT killed by silver or sunlight, but were instead just as fragile as any other human save their immunity to disease and nerve agents. There was no need to fear them, and their long life was sold to the people as a major boon. By electing these creatures to political offices, humans could avoid the short-sighted, power-hungry humans that currently vied for leadership. They offered stability in a world that had been wracked with world war after world war. So effective were these tactics that by 1950, a Vampire Elder ran every country in the World. The world’s armies became almost entirely comprised of Werewolves due to their resistance to disease and nerve agents. Humans either willingly gave their current spot and rank to a werewolf or chose to be turned into one themselves. The majority of Humans began to idolize these creatures as the answer to the chaos in the world. And indeed, open World Peace was achieved in 1950.


In truth, Vampires and Werewolves used any means necessary to take over leadership of their respective areas. Mind control, intimidation, and simply murdering then replacing leaders with a Vampire powerful in Illusion were all too common tactics. Few who had power gave it up willingly. These species were in no way as fragile as humans, and both species required sustenance through human remains in order to maintain both their life and power. However, their deceptive campaigns had done the trick, and the world handed itself to them on a silver platter.