Vampires, for the first time in history, have stepped out of the shadows.  With "The Taking of the World", as they refer to it, Vampires have taken all of the pertinent political seats in the world.  All vampires around the world have eliminated war, due to the fact that they hold power and all maintain that propagation is paramount.

Role Enhancements

Attribute Bonus

Vampire characters automatically receive 2 ranks to spend as they wish in one or more of the Mind, Sapience, and Appeal attributes. 





    Vampires look at humans as a necessary nuisance.  Until a time comes that humans can be grown and harvested for their blood; humans will be regarded as necessary.


    Vampires have branded them as enemies of the State.  Any Saviors that are found are killed on sight, as the vampires don't think that any cells interact with each other, they see no gain in interrogation.


    Vampires see other supernatural beings as inferior.  With werewolves, this inferiority is only mental.  Their physical prowess, however, has allowed them to be useful to vampires in the war against Savior groups.

Other Vampires

    Most vampires distrust any being that is not part of their clan.  While vampires work together, their true goals and motivations are set by each clan individually.