mage skills


Below is a sample fo the Skillset and Skills that will be available to Mages. Please note that, at this point in time, a simple description is all that accompanies them. Once the website re-design is completed the accompanying bonuses outside of the Roll Bonus that is provided will be added. 


The ability to cast spells or determine what spells have been cast by others, to push through externailites to achieve you're desires through your magic, and shape the Basic Forces to your will. These are the attributes of those who have mastered the Permanancer Skillset.


By combining and manipulating the Basic Forces of the world a Mage can impress their will upon them to bring a desired effect to the physical world. The higher rank that a Mage is in Spellcraft the easier this manipulation becomes.

Assess Spell

Each Mage can have truly unique spells, as they are able to accomplish anything they can imagine using the Forces available to them. When a Mage is ranked highly in Assess Spell they are able to distinctly identify spells being cast, or that have been cast, by any other Mage. This is essential for protection during Mage Duels, though those are very rare events these days. 


When shaping the Forces to their will there are many things that a Mage will need to account for. Being shot at, or charged down by a Werwolf in its True Form are just some examples that are likely to occur in this world. Although Stress affects non-magical combat, a Mage keeping their cool relies almost entirely on their expertise in Concentration. 

Scribe Scroll

Mages who are ranked in this skill have the ability to transcribe spells they have successfully cast onto items or parchments. They can then use these Scrolls to cast those spells at a later date. The higher the rank a Mage is in this skill, the higher level spells that can be cast and other Mages may use their Scrolls as well. 

Spell Penetration

This skill was arguably the most important aspect of a Mage when they were highly populated through out the world. The level that a Mage has in Spell Penetration allows a Mage to bypass any Magical protection the target of their spells may have. Higher Spell Penetration were absolutely necessary for Master Duelists.