After taking control it wasn’t long before Humans were reduced to their “rightful place” underneath Vampires and Werewolves. Because of this take-over, the world of Darkness Incarnate differs from the one we know today in many ways. The highlights of theses differences are listed below


The world’s Countries differ in many ways due to the global takeover following World War II. Most countries united with their neighbors under leaders that would live for centuries, needing only to step down when the peoples of their Nation demanded it. This “safety in numbers” approach seemed second nature to humans. Indeed, one could argue that Humanity as acts of human kindness was never greater than in the years immediately following The Taking. In fact, only the supernatural call it “The Taking”; Humans refer to this time in their History as the Great World Peace. Through a series of negotiations between now Vampire leaders the world is now comprised of the following countries:


Vampire Clans are still very much at odds for gaining political power and resources, however this is all behind closed doors. To the Human Race, they present a united front at all costs.


Interactive Timeline

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