Current State

United Nations

Although the United Nations does exist in this world, it was created with an entirely different purpose, and its power is almost unimaginable. It creates the solid core of laws that govern the entire world. While there are local laws that are different between countries, called Common Laws, it is not by much; they more allow for simple local customs. Everything stems from UN Sanctions; they are the Law in this world. Each Country is required to give the best and brightest of their military, the top 10%, to the UN Force. The UN also acts as the top Tribunal in the world, hearing legal cases and acting as independent third party litigation for global businesses. Each Vampire Clan and Werewolf Tribe that govern a nation send one representative to the UN Tribunal, and they serve indefinitely or until called back by their own Tribe or Clan. 

National Governments

Each individual nation is governed by its own National Tribunal. Individual States or Provinces are governed by a single Vampire Elder that utilizes local government infrastructures to collect taxes and finance policing of the area.


The courts have all been turned into tribunals run by the local leading vampire clan or Werewolf tribe.  These trials are a farce in so far as no humans are ever found innocent. Their true purpose is to settle disputes between supernatural beings. 


All non-cooperative prisoners are kept in chemically induced comas.  All prisoners have an option to pay their sentence in blood upon judgement.  All sentences have a blood-cost equivalent that is determined by the ruling judge.  Once per month, the prisons open up the interior doors of one cell block of the prison, chosen by lottery, to allow for a werewolf "hunt" to thin inmate population.  Prisoners that choose to pay in blood are housed in what would be considered normal prison conditions.


For the most part, Technology has advanced uninterrupted. However, many aspects of it are controlled by the government. Major differences in development and use are listed below.


Computers have advanced just as far, but are tightly controlled. Only those who have a work need are allowed to operate computers, and only a few of those are allowed to take them home.


This technology is similar to today’s in that they are widely used and available to the general population; IF they are lucky enough to afford one.


Another thing that is tightly controlled by local governments. Using tactics that make Chinese censorship look like a renaissance has caused the internet to be most important for businesses. It mainly acts as a n online marketplace and “news” channel. Online education and entertainment are almost unheard of. The Resistance and very brave Humans utilize the Dark Web’s Onion sites to distribute information and help make connections to other resistance groups.


Perhaps the most striking difference for the world would be in the area of Guns. The General Public is in no way allowed to own or operate guns of any kind; for absolutely any reason. Most of the initial resistance from the Taking was from the disarming of the people of each nation. In today’s world, guns are only found among soldiers and police (Werewolves), and a Human seen with a gun suffers an immediate Death Sentence. However, despite the Vampires and Werewolves best efforts, they are still built and distributed on the black market and heavily used by Human Resistance.


Vampires and Werewolves are considered to be first-class citizens.  All Human rights have been labeled as privileges.  Police don't even respond to calls regarding humans.  The tone is one of fear, dread, and hatred.  The supernatural look down on humans to the point that calling them cattle would be too generous.  Humans that work with or for these supernatural entities are not trusted with any information for fear of Savior infiltration.