Combat in Darkness Incarnate is turn-based, with each Player and NPC having the ability to perform a series of actions during their own turn. 


A d20 is rolled by each player and NPC. A player then adds their Deftness bonus, along with any bonuses from skills and abilities to their roll to determine their initiative roll.  The GM will decide at the time of the roll if a player receives any penalties due to circumstances. Players and NPCs take actions in combat based on their initiative roll.  Including all bonuses and penalties, players and NPCs then take their turn beginning with the highest roll, and proceeding in descending order.

Action phase

A player can utilize this phase to make a movement, melee or ranged attack, perform a skill, or cast a spell.


Declare whether your character is making a melee or ranged attack, and designate who they are attacking. Roll a d20 and add any bonuses your character receives to either melee, or ranged combat attacks, from skills or abilities. A player then adds their ranks in Deftness to ranged attacks, or Physique to melee attacks. The result must be higher than the opponent's Defense Rating.


Players can move their characters 10ft during their turn if they are attacking in the same round. If they are not attacking, they may move their full Movement Allowance as provided by their Role.


Instead of attacking, a player may choose to use one of their Character's skills. The Success Goal is set by the GM and the appropriate bonuses are applied.

Casting a Spell

Instead of attacking, a player with the Mage Role may choose to cast a Spell. See the Magic page for more information. 

cooldown phase

A player can utilize this phase to apply any regeneration (allotted by their role, skills, or abilities) to current hit points or mana. They may also activate a triggered effect.

Ready Phase

A player can utilize a character's skill, ability, or spellcasting ability to ready a triggered action. These are special actions available only through skills, abilities, or spells that specify that they are triggered. 


When a character utilizes the action phase to make a melee or ranged attack, or cast a spell while occupying an adjacent space to an enemy; if the attack or spell is not directed at the enemy, the enemy may counter the character's attack with an attack of their own.  This counter attack occurs after the character's attack phase, but before their Cooldown phase begins.

describing combat to your players

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