Although Vampires show a united front to Humans, in truth, they are very much still tied to the Clans of Old. In fact, the reason that the countries of the world have not been entirely united is solely due to the Clan ties of the Vampires. Each region of the world is controlled by either a Vampire Clan or Werewolf Tribe, and their alliances are tenuous at the best of times. These groups are extremely careful to maintain the symbolical peace between them but they are constantly locked in a struggle for power, land, and Human subjects. When playing a Vampire, a player will choose which Clan they are a part of before they begin play. Game Masters are highly encouraged to make the Vampire Clan a recurring element of the story in their campaigns. Not the focus of every session, but a power that is always available to provide things to do for Vampire Players. Being from a different Clan does not prevent Vampires from working together, but may moderate their trust in each other. A brief history of each clan can be found below. 


The Naklam are the oldest of the vampire clans.  This advantage of time bears fruit most notably in their unequal capacity to collect and retain information. As information and knowledge is paramount for most Vampires, the Naklam are seen as the most powerful clan. Due to this extended library of knowledge, the Naklam are assumed to have the upper-hand in most dealings with other clans.  The Original Vampire created this organization in order to keep tabs on his progeny once he began to spread his disease beyond his native national boarders.  The Naklam believe that they have been around since homo sapiens first appeared on earth.  In truth, these opinions come purely from speculations based on the fact that the original vampire resembles early homo sapiens in many ways.  However, the only known viewing of the Original Vampire occurred centuries after he was put into a Sleep, It is therefore unknown what his awakened form may look like, as Vampires' bodies do dry out and deform after long periods in the Sleep; reversible with a healthy dose of blood.  Members of Naklam worship The Original.  It is not commonly known that the "Sleep" was forced.  The Naklam teach that the Original, in an effort to cede rule and allow his children to truly experience free will, set himself into the Sleep willingly.


    The Achonar were the second clan to form.  When the Original first decided to turn his victims, he only turned three.  These three newly formed children were all brothers from a wealthy family.  For a century, the Original taught the brothers and refused to turn any more victims.  After one hundred years, the Original felt that he was not fulfilling his duty of spreading his "cure" for humanity, and began turning new victims at a terrifying rate.  When the three brothers gained enough power and their master had many other pets to concern himself with, they decided to entrap him in a tomb, deprived of feeding.  Once the Original was weak enough, he went into a deep Sleep as a way to avoid some of the effects of aging from starvation.  The brothers then took the opportunity to take possession of the Original's body and hide it.  Only the Leader of Achonar knows the location of the Original's body. The most aggressive of the clans, the Achonar acted as both bodyguard of the Original and enforcers to subjugate those turned by him and now "abandoned".  Although Werewolves have taken on the enforcer roles in Society Vampires of the Achonar are still drawn to policing duties; they just do so among their own kind. If a Vampire has been affronted and does not want to turn to the official Tribunal process, they are most likely to call an Achonar to handle things.


The Vajar are secrecy. They are the watchers of their brethren, collecting personal information that can be wielded to gain the advantage they seek. The Vajar were created by Jarrard, the eldest of the first brothers turned by the Original. Jarrard had discovered that both of his siblings were working in secret to move the body of the Original from the tomb they had put him hundreds of years before. Both siblings had already been cast out of the Original's domain by Jarrard, his blood-lust having already gained him immense power since the Original's downfall. Having banished his brothers he found himself in need of eyes and ears that surrounded them so that he would be prepared for their eventual retaliation. Jarrard formed the Vajar as a secret organization and began to expand his influence among other vampires. Today, the Vajar are still a silent force to be reckoned with. While they are in no way secret to the other Clans, they are still feared for their information gathering and infiltration skills. While the Naklam choose to hoard information of old, artifact locations, true histories, and the like, the Vajar take on a more practical approach. It is their enemies habits, weaknesses, indiscretions, and true desires they seek. Anything that can be used against them, and an agent of the Vajar is not likely to share this information with anyone whom it would not benefit them to do so. 


Once the younger two brothers attempted to put their plan into action, they found Jarrard had already moved the Original.  In their rage from being outsmarted, they confronted their brother in what has now come to be known as The Brothers' War. This war lasted for generations and caused a split in members among all existing clans.  Those vampires not content, or convinced their current leader would forsake them for power, left and formed the Dezlec. Although they were separate from the other clans, it was widely known that they favored the younger two brothers in their struggles. Against all odds, the Brother's War ended peacefully, but this was partially due to the ever swelling ranks of the Dezlec Clan from those grown tired of the War. To this day, the Dezlec are among the most peaceful of the Vampires. When pressed, they will use illusion and mind control to get what they want from their enemies, which is often to simply be left alone.