Character creation


In Darkness Incarnate, Players will need to choose which Role that they will take on in the New World. Each player will choose one of the 4 Roles available providing a base template and the beginnings of their Character. Simply download the Character Sheet (Coming Soon!) and fill in your Initial Skillset and Ability points appropriate for the Role you've chosen. These points will be spent as you continue through the Character Creation process. 



Attributes are the basis for most Attack, Defense, Initiative, and Skill Attempt rolls in Darkness Incarnate. There are two groups of Attributes; Body and Mental. Each individual attribute can be increased to 5 ranks. To begin with, each player will receive 4 Ranks in one group and 3 in the other, to allocate as they wish in the Attributes that comprise them. 

No single Attribute may be raised above the 3rd rank during Character Creation. This includes the bonus ranks provided by your Role Enhancements. 













Each Character upon creation receives 3 Role Abilities to choose as they see fit. This is in addition to any abilities granted by the Role Enhancements.


The background of your character is very important in Darkness Incarnate. The initial Experience received from your Role can be spent on Specialty Skills and abilities, which are open for simply taking the Role, but others taken before Gameplay begins will need to be justified by your background. 


Your Character's occupation is more than just an opportunity to add explanations for Skillsets they access, it is an essential part of your Character's life in Darkness Incarnate. Monthly Expenses are a real part of your Character's struggle and your occupation is the main way these are taken care of. In addition, they can provide their own chances for adventure and intrigue that a Game Master can structure an entire Campaign around. Or, it is simply the cover that allows you to blend into society while you pursue your true goals.


After applying Role Abilities and Special Skills available to them, extra Skill points not spent on Specialty Skills during Character Creation can be spent on General Skills. Each Character receives 11 points upon character creation to allocate among skills they have access to.