General Overview

Darkness Incarnate is a modern horror tabletop RPG. Playable Characters include Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, and Saviors. Vampires and Werewolves work together under the Consortium; an organization that monitors the human population to ensure their food supply is steady. Standing against the supernatural tide are the Saviors. Saviors are humans that evolution has favored to be immune to lycanthropy, vampirism, and other natural diseases. Aside from this immunity, Saviors possess the ability to wield and create powerful artifacts. Speculation abounds about where these powers originated; from deals with devils to naturally evolved defense mechanisms. Mages are humans that have been taught the true nature of the world, opening their minds and eyes to see and interact with the building blocks of the universe. These building blocks are visualized as geometric shapes, with each school of magic having its own distinct patterns. The mage reassembles these pattern in specific shapes and orders to cast a spell. In Darkness Incarnate, you take on one of these roles and trudge your way through this new hell!

welcome to hell

Darkness Incarnate is a tabletop RPG. It is played with a computer, pen, paper, and friends! Games take place in a modern time, but a very different world. This world has been created with a simple concept: Evil itself not only exists, but it now rules it. All of the cursed beings that belong to horror have stepped into the light, and have taken over. Human leaders have been replaced by Vampires at almost every level, leading both the world's Nations and Businesses in an ironclad rule over Humans. Vampires could not accomplish this on their own due to their limited numbers, so they made an alliance with beings they had been at war with for centuries; Werewolves. Werewolves took over the policing of society filling the roles of Soldiers and Policeman. With the combined might of the epitomes of the supernatural, the Humans had a simple choice: submit or die. Those Humans that survived The Taking have become less than cattle to their new overlords, but a brave few have been gifted with the ability to fight back, and there are those who still see this world for the facade it truly is...

In Darkness Incarnate, Players may take on the role of a Vampire, Werewolf, Savior, or Mage. Under the direction of a Game Master, they will delve into this new world of hell. Perhaps a group of Vampires and Werewolves have formed a bond to help each other gain power within their respective Clans and Tribes. Perhaps a Mage has become entangled with a group of Saviors, and they find themselves on the forefront of the new revolution. It is possible even, that there are Human sympathizers among Vampires and Werewolves, and they form an unlikely pact with Saviors and Mages to help bring a peaceful society to fruition. Anything is possible in this new world! Explore your own home town or city in a completely new light; one full of darkness!

What do I need to play?

Game Master

A person who prepares a gaming session, filling in the details of the immediate setting the players will find themselves in. Through storytelling, they act as anyone and everyone in the world that is not controlled by the Player.


Each player will create a Character that they will embody during gameplay. Players will choose a class for their character between Vampire, Werewolf, Savior, or Mage. Through out the story the Character will gain experience for their actions and be able to level up for more powerful abilities and skills. 

Internet Connection

Darkness Incarnate is unique in that the campaign setting information is housed solely on a website. This website will hold all of the information you need to make a character and campaign to play. After creating a character or preparing a session, then an internet connection is only important for times when a Rule not covered in our Quick Reference Document needs to be looked up. 

D20 Dice Set

A full set of D20 dice will be needed as well. There are free Dice Roller programs if you wish to keep things electronic, or any set purchased from a hobby shop will do.