The true protectors of the Human Race. Mages see the world for what it truly is; primal forces that can be shaped by those with the strength of will to do so. Were it not for a decimation of their numbers, their power could've driven Vampires and Werewolves alike back to the Darkness. 

Few know that it was in-fighting that nearly eliminated all mages in the world.  What is known is that where once there were many; now there are few.  The societies of mages were toppled, and now we scurry in the shadows; trying to protect the few humans that are strong enough to fight back.  In time, we will regain our numbers, and one day, we will rule again.

Mage Enhancements

Attribute Bonuses

Mages automatically receive 1 rank in Mind. 

Automatic Ability

Mages will automatically receive the Spellcasting ability.